An original handwritten recipe for dry gin has been recreated, bottled, and launched with the help of Sydney design company Denomination.

The UK-produced gin, Bristol Method Dry by Smeaton’s, was created in the 1870s and has been revived with the help of a packaging design which tells the story behind the gin.

The Denomination team worked to communicate the authenticity and heritage of the product and provide standout.


The creative concept stays true to the recipe, which was discovered by the company's founders on Smeaton Road, in the Bristol Archives in the UK.

Every detail links back to the story behind the brand, says Denomination CEO Rowena Curlewis.

As well as being named after the road on which the recipe was found, the blue glass is synonymous with Bristol.


The handwritten recipe inspired the typography, and a botanical illustration celebrates the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century.

A bespoke print provides an unusual way of highlighting the long neck of the bottle, and led to creating a unique paper wrap.

“Consumers were familiar with the styles of London Dry and Old Tom, but didn't know much about Bristol Method Dry Gin," Curlewis says.


“Startup brands rely on the taste profile for repeat purchases, as opposed to a large marketing budget, so we heroed the Bristol Method in a credible and exciting way.”

Denomination worked closely with its suppliers to create an inky blue spray, turning the bottle into frosted glass and finishing with screen-printed typography.



  • The wrap was printed digitally on GF Smith paper and finished with an all-over matt varnish. The juniper leaves were highlighted in silver metallic ink for premium cues, and provide a connection to the neck label. The copy panels are finished with a spot gloss varnish and the branding is embossed for stand-out on shelf.
  • The work for Smeaton’s was a team effort with the London and Sydney Studios both working on the project.
  • A clear flint bottle was sprayed with a bespoke inky blue spray that contains a matting agent to give a frosted appearance. The typography is silk-screened on.
  • The bottle decoration supplier is Yorkshire Bottle Solutions through Allied Glass.
  • The label printer is MCC Labels (Daventry branch).
  • The cork manufacturer is Erben.


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