Sydney-based packaging design agency Depot Creative teamed up with a company producing packs of pickled lupini beans.

Considered a Mediterranean ‘ancient’ superfood, lupini beans contain large amounts of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

"The snack category is saturated with all types of offerings, but few are nutritionally comparable to this," Depot Creative director Angela Spindler said of the Beanopini project.


"In branding and packaging this start-up snack food business, we saw an opportunity to educate and captivate consumers about this unbelievably good-for-you lupini bean by punching out its advantageous nutritional benefits while communicating the simple honesty of this moreish snack."

This meant creating a very clear information hierarchy coupled with engaging language to articulate the brand’s values and personality, Spindler said.


A bright, vibrant and energetic colour palette sings out the four varieties of lupini bean.

"We selected illustrations over photography to depict the flavours as the illustrations carry with them connotations of craft and traditionalism which are very bound up in this product," she said.


"The organic shape of the bean was used as a leading graphic device to give the packaging design a bold simplicity with plenty of shelf shout, critical in this very over-crowded and often confusing category."

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