Byron Bay Cookie Company is making its presence known on tray tables of Qantas planes with its new Art Series range of biscuits.

The new collection features flavours such as Sour Cherry Cheesecake domestically, and a Choc Pretzel & Pecan Cookie on international flights.

Part of the new Art Series, the dessert-inspired cookies also feature a bold packaging design using unique artwork by Byron Bay graffiti artist Davey Mac, A.K.A. Teazer.

Mac was the artist commissioned to create a large-scale mural with custom graffiti art for the Byron Bay Cookie Company Gift Shop.

Marketing manager Emilie Emond said the company wanted to be involved in a project which reflected creativity in the community.


"Packaging design is at the core of our brand’s image, and working with Teazer has definitely enhanced our creative process while allowing us to support a local artist,” she said.

“The Qantas partnership was instrumental to the brand’s success by allowing us to reach a broad audience on a national level,” she says.

“Beyond brand awareness, working with airlines also allows a brand to test new flavour profiles and new products, which is highly valuable from a product development point of view.”

The 40g pack size is served on board Qantas as part of Byron Bay Cookie Company’s ‘Snack Boxes’ on selected domestic flights.

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