Creative agency Boxer & Co has created a distinctive visual language for Canberra-based winery Altina's new non-alcoholic drink brand.

According to Boxer & Co, the directive for the brief was to create a memorable visual language to push the brand into a more sophisticated luxury territory.

Scientists behind this non-alcoholic drink brand use "mixology mastery to blend native botanical ingredients and create unexpected, intriguing and satisfying drinking experiences", and Boxer & Co's task was to bring that to life with a suite of visual assets.

The result, says Boxer & Co, is a strong and unique monogram, which is the heart of the new branding and represents Altina’s "powerful and very recognisable symbol that elevates the brand and communicates its premiumness and outstanding quality".

More than a  simple monogram,  Boxer & Co says it's  a "sensorial monogram".

According to Boxer & Co, the design creates a unique visual for each wine, based on four elements that define its flavour profile, resulting in a strong and ownable personality on pack which also aids navigation.

"Most importantly the complexity and detail in the design speaks to the expertise and science behind the creation of the beverages," said Boxer & Co.

Christina DeLay, founder and CEO at Altina Drinks, said that working with Boxer & Co has allowed the winery to elevate its Altina brand "to true luxury status".

"The response from our customers and the trade has been universally positive. The team were wonderful to work with, I’d highly recommend Boxer & Co to anyone in looking for a packaging design partner in the FMCG space," she said.

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