Cosmopak Corporation is set to start the new decade with its sights on innovative technology as the company  integrates U.Control Packaging’s patented SqueezeControltechnology across a line of exclusive packaging designs.

Cosmopak’s new designs will share the same SqueezeControl flexible wiper function as UCP’s niche brand, LashControl, which, when squeezed, allows for excess formula to be wiped off the brush and remain inside the tube. The SqueezeControldesign allows consumers to choose the amount of mascara they would like on the brush each time they pull it from the tube.

Cosmopak says its new mascara packaging design provides consumers with a functional solution to make-up application issues, like clumping or tailing, because the SqueezeControl design is not only efficient, but also more sanitary. With traditional mascara packaging, the way to remedy these application issues often involves wiping the mascara brush on a tissue, or pumping it in and out of the tube, leading to incidental bacterial growth inside the tube. The SqueezeControl design reduces the risk of bacteria entering the mascara tube in the first place, the company says.

The wiper sleeve also bends, allowing consumers to swirl the brush to reach the interior edges of the mascara tube, therefore extending the use of the mascara and reducing waste.

According to Cosmopak there will be customisable options for packaging design, including brush style, exterior shape, component material and finish.

"We are excited to share our new, exclusive packaging designs incorporating this game-changing innovation in the coming months. Turnkey options will also be available with a range of customisation specific to brand image," says Cosmopak global president, Walter Dwyer. 

The SqueezeControl flexible wiper sleeve will also be available in a range of colours.

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