Jewel Corp has managed to fly under the radar despite supplying packaging to some of Australia’s biggest beauty and hair care brands for 16 years.

Jewel Corp is the packaging company behind G&M Australian Cosmetics, which distributes such products as Bio Essence Australian Oils, and is also responsible for supplying a number of big beauty brands such as Fudge, Divine By Therese Kerr and Eleven.

As well as designs for bottles, jars, tubes, closures and dispensers, Jewel Corp supplies acrylic jars, vacuum bottles and ceramic aluminium sleeved jars.


The family business is headed up by George Jordanov at its Taren Point facility in Sydney's south.

Jewel Corp manufactures all its packaging at its own facility in China, as it found the tooling in Australia to be prohibitively expensive.

“We make our own tooling there and our factory manufactures 80 to 95 per cent of the product we import,” Jordanov says.


G&M Cosmetics has been in business for 21 years, led by George’s father Zvonko Jordanov (above right), while Jewel Corp turns 16 this year.

The companies made the decision to work together since Jewel Corp was already supplying G&M’s packaging and pooling resources made sense.

The company’s attention to quality extends to such features as safety seals on the tubs of cream through to tubing in the pumps and closures that ensure the product is seamless to use.


“Most people aren’t concerned so much about getting the cheapest possible price [for their packaging] – they want the product to be 100 per cent right – and that’s where we can help,” Jordanov says.

Jewel Corp supplies packaging to high-end personal care companies that care about the entire experience of using the product – from the way it looks to its smooth functionality.

It has used the same closures supplier since 2001 because it can rely on its quality.


Jewel Corp does foil stamping and screen printing in-house, and ensures customers it will “do the impossible” – even down to precise shading and a vast range of movement between colours on-pack.

The company has also become known for its double-walled jars used by Fudge Hair which employ an effective vacuum seal to keep the contents secure.

While the ‘quiet achiever’ role has been a good fit for the last 16 years, Jewel Corp would like to take a leaf out of G&M Cosmetics’ book and start letting the wider market know about its capabilities.

For the full story on Jewel Corp, see our April 2017 issue.

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