At Print21+PKN LIVE New Frontiers in Packaging Print last week, head of marketing at Labelmakers, Jessica Simes, made the case for personalised packaging via digital print. We spoke to her after her presentation.

In her talk, Simes said that in this digital age “consumers are looking for that Instagrammable moment,” and that personalised packaging can provide that.

“The ultimate scenario is allowing a couch consumer to execute personalisation of a label using their mobile device, with their own content,” she said.

She went on to note that packaging demands from brand owners are changing – shorter runs, reduced product life cycles, combating brand attention deficit.

“Consumers are looking for uniqueness, and are seeking out brands that offer an experience,” she said. “Digital technology is enabling brands to achieve limitless editions, and personalised content.”

She spoke of the business model Labelmakers is offering, which will enable mass personalisation with consumer-generated content, and providing end to end fulfilment  – web to print, web to inventory, web to logistics.

In effect, this creates an online store for the brand, direct-to-consumer.

Asked about the price point compared to FMCG retail stores, Simes said: “People are typically willing to spend more on personalised goods of a premium quality versus retail. You’d be amazed what people will pay for freight.”

Food & Drink Business

COVID-19 has provided the disruption needed to change thinking around Australian manufacturing, Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said in her National Press Club address (20 May). Andrews said disruption to global supply chains was a wake-up call for many businesses.

Fonterra Co-operative Group recorded $815 million normalised earnings before interest and tax for the nine months to 30 April. CEO Miles Hurrell said it was a $301 million increase on the corresponding period last year.

Consultancy firm BMA Group is hosting a webinar on managing costs in times of uncertainty on 28 May.