The Screen L350UV+ inkjet label press is starring on Screen and Jet Technologies’ joint stand, number B08.

The press is on display featuring its orange ink option, and the chill roller. According to Jack Malki, director of Jet Technologies, the narrow-web press has a wealth of applications.

"Calling it just a label press is a disservice - it can do so much more," said Malki.

Peter Scott, managing director of Screen GP Australia, invites guests to come and see it in action.

“People should come have a look at the quality, the sixty metres per minute productivity, the fact that we can run different materials and widths,” he says. “We want to give customers a good overview of the machine, its automatic cleaning capabilities, and why it’s renowned as having one of the highest uptime capabilities of any digital press in the market, at more than ninety per cent uptime.”

Samples of Screen’s new blue ink, released worldwide in June, are available for customers to view on the stand.

“Of all countries that stand to benefit from the introduction of special blue to the L350UV+’s inkset, Australia and New Zealand are sure to appreciate it most. With our blue skies and oceans, we are attuned to pure, rich blues.

“All packaging designers know that brilliant colours sell products off the shelves and dull colours have less appeal. Screen’s new blue ink for the L350UV+ is a very welcome addition to the range and I feel sure it will be a hit with label and packaging producers in Australia and New Zealand,” says Scott.

Also on stand is the European-made Quick 54 celloglazing machine, which Malki says is well-priced and easy to use.

“The Quick 54 is the perfect machine to laminate our innovative range of celloglazing films to your print. The focus in 2019 has been on textured films, with our Soft Touch Range of clear, delustred silver, delustred gold, and black widely used.

“Our newly launched Rough Touch provides the opposite, a gritty texture, proving difficult to put down once the product is in your hands,” says Malki.

The Screen and Jet Technologies team is awarded the Print21 Hot Pick for the L350UV+. 
The Screen and Jet Technologies team is awarded the Print21 Hot Pick for the L350UV+.

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