Major packaging technology developers Esko and Scodix are collaborating, with Scodix foil, embossing and varnish applications being added to Esko Studio software.

The companies says that having Scodix applications to Esko Studio software and its Visualizer module will make it easier for brands and packaging converters to prototype and present digital enhancements, without the need to run them on press.

Scodix - supplied in Australia and New Zealand by Currie Group – will see its packaging enhancement applications available to view within the Esko Studio suite, including, Scodix Foil, Scodix Embossed Foil, Scodix Sense for UV embossing, and Scodix Spot for varnish applications.

Scodix presses bring digital enhancements to printed materials for both commercial print and folding carton in a post-print process, including multiple applications on one platform. Both the Scodix Ultra2 series and the Scodix E106 Digital Enhancement Press offer capabilities which enhance printed materials by layering polymers digitally onto printed products. The company says these effects add value and help packaging stand out on the shelf in a highly competitive consumer market.

Esko Studio software allows designers to present and test their ideas and designs by quickly and easily turning them into high-resolution virtual 3D prototypes, which can include product enhancements such as special inks, varnishes, foils or other finishing effects.

A subset of Scodix applications is now included in the Visualizer library, which according to the company eliminates the need to print and manually reproduce special finishes during the prototyping and presentation stage.

Print samples can now be designed and viewed on the Esko Studio Software and then printed on a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press, using real foil, without the need for molds or dies. Quantities ranging from one to thousands can be printed in a cost-effective way.

“Esko helps Scodix to digitally prototype and present their digital enhancements as part of the design process,” said Chris Rogers, solutions marketing manager at Esko. “Now Scodix users can take advantage of the Studio suite and Visualizer module to render and view high value realistic 3D images containing a variety of digital enhancements.”

Nigel Tracey, head of packaging at Scodix says, “With Esko solutions touching some 90 per cent of packaging worldwide during at least some stage of production, it is the ideal partner for us as we continually work to make Scodix production faster, easier and more cost-effective.

"By being able to view a photo-realistic image of the design with our digital enhancements, even under different lighting conditions or in a simulated retail environment, designers can reduce the number of prototypes they need to produce, saving time and money. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and to include even more Scodix applications within the Studio suite over time.”


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