• Image: FrieslandCampina
    Image: FrieslandCampina

Dairy giant FrieslandCampina has implemented what it bills as the industry’s first grass-to-glass traceability service on its infant formula brand Friso.

TrackEasy, developed by Kezzler, was launched last month in Hong Kong and is being rolled out across mainland China. It uses QR codes printed on each can for traceability, as well as a second code inside for applications such as loyalty programmes and promotions, to eliminate fraud concerns and engage directly with consumers.

According to Hans Wessels, senior project manager at FrieslandCampina, ensuring consumer confidence in FrieslandCampina brands is paramount.

“This is why we have adopted Kezzler’s serialisation technology to deliver supply chain visibility for our infant formula brands, as well as providing a way for stakeholders throughout the supply chain to validate their products in real-time,” he said.

The solution, integrated with the popular Chinese app WeChat, allows customers to scan directly from the app. Christine C. Akelsen, CEO Kezzler, said the platform is tied in with FrieslandCampina’s existing IT infrastructure and logistical systems; this allows data from all along the supply chain to be associated with each unit.

“We live in a world of complex, global supply chains. To properly ensure food safety, brands need to have full visibility from ingredients through to consumption for every product sold.

“We are proud to support FrieslandCampina in their mission to bring safe and sustainable products to consumers. I am convinced that this level of transparency will soon be expected for all consumer products,” she said.

Smart packaging solutions will be the focus of the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association’s Congress, which will run from 18-19 November in Amsterdam.

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