Polysack is a world leader in the manufacture of sustainable MDO-based flexible packaging films for the beverage, food and confectionery industries. In June, at the 19th international RosUpak exhibition, the company will formally introduce Polyphane FIT, an innovative film for manufacturing wrap-around shrink labels for bottles and curved containers, with improved optical and moisture barrier properties compared to thicker films. Polyphane FIT is the lightest-weight commercial high-shrink label in the world, and enables a labelling speed of over 50,000 bph, producing nearly 0% scrap.

Polyphane Fit is recyclable, and therefore environmentally-friendly. When recycled, the bottles are immersed in water and the label separates and floats on top, while the bottle sinks and is later shredded. 

The shrinkable films are manufactured in rolls fed into an RFS labelling machine, with a metal mandrel attached to it. Using MDO technology, the film runs in the same direction as the movement of the containers on the belt, while the sleeves are produced simultaneously. This increases labelling speed and eliminates the sleeve production and inspection step. The film is cut and applied to each container, transforming it into a wrapped and labelled unit. The labels are seamed using laser, sonic welding, or a heated bar, and pass through a heat tunnel where they are shrunk into place on the container in a tight and neat fit. The result is a solution with the high impact of a sleeve - which enables high speed and high volume production - combined with reduced manufacturing and material costs. 

Polysack‘s production facility includes four production lines equipped with inline MDO-extruders for manufacturing multi-layered blown film, in addition to one offline mono-oriented MDO stretching unit, and two slitting machines. Because its extra-thin film is manufactured with mono-oriented multi-layer polyolefins, it is highly cost-effective compared to other blown and cast films, provides considerable savings in material and energy, and has superior quality and high-tensile strength.

Polysack will also showcase its polyethylene paper-feel film, Polyphane POP, at Rosupak - an easily sealable and easy to open solution for wrapping lollipops. 

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