UPM Raflatac has launched new “Pop-Up” labelling solutions for food, beverage, home care and personal care, designed to catch the consumer’s eye on supermarket shelves.

Attaching to various packaging solutions as a 3D pop-up on the top or side of the product, the PET labels feature clear, white and metallised faces; additionally, the company promises they will keep their shape through any transportation and storage conditions.

According to Junion Zhao, director of films business for APAC at UPM Raflatac, these labels are a response to growing demand for an innovative new way to allow brands to differentiate their products from the competition.

“The demand for promotional Pop-Up labels is spreading throughout the region at an exponential rate, and UPM Raflatac now provides customers with an excellent stand-out product for answering to this trend,” said Zhao.

The labels use the water-based RP799 adhesive, which Jefferey Wu, R&D manager for APAC at UPM Raflatac, says ensures strong adhesion on even small-diameter glass, plastic, metal, and paper containers.

“Due to the well-balanced recipe of this UPM Raflatac adhesive, the labels will peel off cleanly without any residue left on the surface of the substrates,” he said.

Food & Drink Business

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