• The Pack Leader PL-501 vertical wrap around labelling machine includes an operator-friendly control system. Image: Packserv
    The Pack Leader PL-501 vertical wrap around labelling machine includes an operator-friendly control system. Image: Packserv

The process of getting a label onto a package can be anything but simple, so choosing the best products and expert knowledge is vital, says Packserv.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to make products stand out from the rest is paramount, with manufacturers seeking ever more innovative ways to grab the consumer’s attention. One of the more obvious ways to create an immediate visual impact is by simply applying an eye-catching label. The problem is, unless you are applying each label by hand, the process of getting a label onto a package can be anything but simple.

Having decided which of the eight orientation options from a roll of labels you are going to use, you might need to work out whether single label rolls will suffice, or whether you need front and back on separate rolls and, if so, which direction of feed – and then you can always have front and back alternating on the same roll. Confused? You could soon be.

It stands to reason that for anything other than the simplest applications, you are going to require the help of someone with expert knowledge of label application.

Packaging machinery and technical services provider Packserv not only has a team of technicians available to help in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, it also has a wide range of label application machinery.

Packserv serves SME-sized businesses primarily, but it also has considerable experience with several of the largest corporations in the world. The company provides a “complete solution” – its machines are available to rent, buy, as well as rent to buy, and it offers finance arrangements and guaranteed trade-ins.

In general, labelling machines can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Knowing your label application needs and production speed goals will help narrow down the choices, but once the application speed increases, so the need to automate the rest of the production process comes into focus, and here again Packserv says it can assist. With over 30 different types of packaging machines, including tables, fillers, cappers, sealers and conveyor belts, all manufactured in-house at its factory in Sydney, a full scale bespoke solution is never far away, and the company also makes all its machinery available in its rental fleet.

Investing in new technology and smart initiatives is a catalyst for continuous improvement, which leads to considerable savings and efficiencies and ultimately, to increased profitability for customers.

Packserv’s development of next generation packaging equipment is ongoing. Exposure to research and like-minded companies has allowed greater awareness of new materials and manufacturing processes, which is evident in the company’s collaborative work with the University of Technology Sydney and the Universities of both Sydney and Wollongong.

“I’m an Australian and third generation packaging machine manufacturer and I’m absolutely passionate about increasing the potential for growth and job creation here in Australia,’’ says Nathan Wardell, Packserv’s founder and MD.

“From over two million SMEs in Australia there are around 300,000 who we could possibly help grow, so please give us a call. Just not all at once!”

This article was first published in the September-October 2022 print issue of PKN Packaging News, p50.

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