• (Image: Avery Dennison)
    (Image: Avery Dennison)

Avery Dennison has embraced smart packaging technologies including RFID tagging and blockchain, and will speak about them at the upcoming Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) World Congress.

Jordi Beta, business development manager at Avery Dennison, will discuss a variety of smart packaging use cases including the company’s work with Beefchain, which places cattle into a blockchain allowing consumers to track their steak all the way back to the ranch; Beefchain also enables cattle farmers to prove the authenticity of their beef.

Additionally, Avery Dennison has released the Pathfinder 6059 portable RFID label printer (pictured above), which allows users in areas such as retail and logistics to apply RFID tags on the fly, according to Ryan Yost, general manager of Avery Dennison’s Printer Solutions Division.

“As the use cases for RFID evolve and move forward, there have been some challenges. This is the first handheld device to scan a barcode, encode RFID, and print and apply an RFID label, all within less than five seconds,” he said.

For these and more innovations in intelligent packaging, reserve your place at the AIPIA World Congress from 18-19 November.

Food & Drink Business

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