Yes You Can Drinks founder and ex-Olympian, Tyler Martin, has created a can-inspired advent calendar to celebrate Dry July and launch the company's Native Australian non-alcoholic classics drink range.

The advent calendar has 32 can-sized slots at the base with corresponding messages
on each side to inspire.

Made from E-flute and B-flute, and printed with environmentally-friendly EcoPure HPJ soy inks, the vibrant coloured advent calendar presents as a huge can, and features 32 can-sized slots at the base with corresponding messages on each side to inspire.

“I came up with the idea to bring something unique through Dry July, and at the same time, include a clever way to soft launch our new Native Australian product range,” said Martin, who founded the company with partner Sophie Heatley.

As an Olympian, he was faced with gruelling schedules and early starts, and wasn't keen on the hangovers experienced after hanging out. Then a few years later, Heatley encountered a similar problem when pregnant with their son Teddy, and together they founded company Yes You Can.

Tyler, Teddy and Sophie.

Martin says that the concept for the advent calendar started while on a flight, when he began sketching up concepts on paper. He then spoke to several designers to see how the sketches could be brought to life.

“I went to our local printing house who we use regularly and was told that they couldn't print it locally, so we had to explore some offshore solutions,” he explained.

“We mocked up a version using simple cardboard in our warehouse, provided the specs on width, depth and height, and tried to figure out how we would pack 31 cans in – until we decided we would do an 8 x 4 format and threw in the extra can."

To ensure that the box represented a can, Martin says the lid and base had to be created from scratch, as the pair weren’t able to find a prototype they were happy to use.

Martin says the main body of the advent calendar is made from B-flute, while E-flute was used for the grid. It was printed using EcoPure HPJ premium quality, environmentally-friendly quickset inks formulated with high percentages of soy and other vegetable oils.

The vibrant calendar is presented as a huge can. 

Yes You Can Drinks are filled in cans made of recycled aluminium compound. Its 4-pack wraps are made with recycled fibre and are recyclable, while the 24-pack carton is comprised of predominantly recycled board.

All Yes You Can no-alcholic drinks are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and have no artificial flavours, and according to Martin, sit anywhere between 60-80 per cent less calories than the alcoholic alternative.

"Alcohol isn't our nemesis, it just doesn’t have to be the only option on the table, at the bar, or the party. Having our non-alcoholic drinks mistaken for the real deal is more than a nice compliment, it’s part of our mission," added Martin.

The advent calendar is made from E-flute and B-flute and printed on
environmentally friendly EcoPure HPJ Soy inks.

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