Sidel has launched its new Evofill can filler, which it bills as a sustainable, hygienic and flexible filling solution.

The Evofill Can’s no-base design is aimed at making the machine more accessible and easier to clean. It comes equipped with an improved CO2 pre-flushing system, which consumes less carbon dioxide and eliminates residue.

According to Sidel, the Evofill Can’s external beverage tank and integrated small chamber set it apart from other solutions on the market, as they make sure parts that come into contact with the beverage can be effectively cleaned.

Stefano Baini, product manager Filling at Sidel, says the Evofill Can, which can operate at speeds of more than 130,000 cans per hour, is an ideal solution for hot, cold and ambient-temperature beverages, whether still or carbonated.

“At Sidel, product quality and an advanced level of performance are important drivers for our innovations,” he said.

“With the new Evofill Can, we are perfectly meeting these requirements: the solution tackles all needs of being sustainable, hygienic and flexible, getting producers ready for future challenges in canned drinks production.”

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