PepsiCo has launched a new personalised beverage system that combines dry and liquid ingredients in portable pods .

With Drinkfinity, consumers can "Peel, Pop and Shake" to combine the ingredients with water in a reusable, BPA-free vessel and create drink blends in a variety of flavours.

Drinkfinity, a PepsiCo venture, was piloted in Brazil in 2014, and has now been launched in the US.


Each portable Drinkfinity Pod falls within one of four 'modes,' including charge, flow, renew, and chill.

Within each 'mode' there are multiple flavour profiles, such as Açaí, Pomegranate Ginger, Elderflower and Coconut Water Watermelon.

These are made up of dry and liquid ingredients such as chia seeds, acai fruit, ginger root extract and concentrated fruit juices.

The dry and liquid ingredients within each pod are sealed separately in dual chambers until the beverage is mixed with cold water.


The 20-ounce beverage can be enjoyed on-the-go and throughout the day.

Each pod is free of artificial sweeteners and artificial flavours, and contains between 30 and 80 calories per 20-ounce beverage.

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