Opal, in partnership with Dan Murphy’s, has designed and created an Australian-made, 100 per cent recycled and recyclable wine box for the Dan Picked wine delivery subscription service.

Dan Murphy’s set an open challenge to the packaging industry to create an attractive and functional packaging solution.

The criteria specified the cardboard packaging needed to be robust enough for six bottles of wine to withstand bulk interstate distribution and delivery, and to provide an engaging and exciting unboxing experience for consumers, when their delivery arrived.

Opal heard the call, and proposed a wine box with a distinct design, which the company said would appeal to consumers and their desire for environmentally-friendly packaging.

“Dan Murphy’s was so impressed with Opal’s proposition that they closed off the challenge and chose to work with us exclusively, and together we collaborated to perfect the final design,” Opal stated.

“Several concepts were developed during the collaboration, and simulated transport trials were undertaken to ensure Dan Picked would be delivered safe and sound for consumers to enjoy.”

In addition to ensuring safe delivery, Opal provided added value through the engaging unboxing experience. 

The Dan Picked wine box provides a sense of discovery upon opening each wine delivery, and integrates a QR code to provide information, including tasting notes, and the characteristics of each handpicked wine and food pairing suggestions. 

Also, once the box can no longer be reused, it can be recycled easily through kerbside recycling or through local cardboard recyclers. 

“Opal has provided Dan Murphy’s with an innovative packaging solution, surpassing their original expectations and criteria in both performance and value-add,” Opal added. 

“Consumers can feel good about enjoying their wine with the knowledge that their orders will be delivered safely in sustainable, Australian-made, 100 per cent recycled and recyclable packaging.” 

Demonstrating Opal’s integrated value chain, a number of divisions collaborated to produce the Dan Picked finished product.

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