• Coca-Cola Singapore's light-up Star Wars bottles feature the characters Rey and Kylo Ren. (Image: Coca-Cola)
    Coca-Cola Singapore's light-up Star Wars bottles feature the characters Rey and Kylo Ren. (Image: Coca-Cola)

It’s no Jedi mind trick – Coca-Cola Singapore has released a limited edition run of Star Wars-themed bottles with lightsabers that illuminate via organic LED (OLED) technology.

A total of 8000 promotional bottles of No Sugar Coca-Cola have been produced as part of the tie-in for the Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker film, with two designs: one featuring hero Rey wielding her blue lightsaber, and the other featuring villain Kylo Ren with his red lightsaber.

The flexible OLEDs embedded in the labels are powered by batteries with a total of 40 minutes of charge, and represent a new twist in packaging innovation according to Kean Yew, integrated marketing communications director Singapore and Malaysia at Coca-Cola Far East.

“There’s a saying here at Coke that we don’t change what’s inside the bottle, so we constantly innovate with what’s around it.

“The thinking I had at the time was, man, it would be so much better if the Force-sensitive characters were carrying the lightsaber, but let’s go even further – what if the lightsaber actually lit up?” said Yew.

The OLEDs used in the bottles are produced by Berlin-based startup Inuru, which says it produces sustainable OLEDs that can be printed at high volume and low cost for smart packaging applications.

“We want to create re-usable packaging by attaching low cost digital displays, making a circular economy feasible. This is only possible with our printed OLED display technology.

“Working together with Coca-Cola Singapore is not just about the experience. At Inuru we try to make sure that brands also have a bigger vision and purpose in the life-cycle.

“Coca-Cola’s aim to create a world without waste fully aligns with our mission to create re-usable packaging with our printed low cost OLED display technology,” the company said.

The collectible bottles have been randomly distributed to 45 secret 7-Eleven locations across Singapore, and customers looking to purchase one are tasked with solving riddles posted to Coca-Cola Singapore’s social media accounts across the weekends of 6-8, 13-15, and 20-22 December.

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