Nestlé has released a new Nescafé product in the UK which comes in nitrogen-infused cans.

Tapping the current trend for creating an enriched consumer experience via packaging, the Nescafé Azera Nitro chilled coffee-in-a-can offers a new taste and sound sensation.

On opening the can, a "refreshing" sound is heard as the nitrogen is released and infuses through the coffee. Nestlé says this builds consumer anticipation before the first sip, which is supported by the "smooth, creamy taste" due to the nitrogen infusion.

Initially available only in the UK and Ireland, the packaged range has two flavour variants, Americano and Latté. For the foodservice sector, Nestlé Professional will offer chilled Nescafé Azera Nitro Americano on tap in bars, pubs, restaurants.

Both flavours are crafted from coffee produced through Nestlé’s sustainability program Nescafé Plan, which helps Nestlé’s network of farmers farm their beans in sustainable ways.

Nestlé Beverages’ UK and Ireland managing director Neil Stephens said the launch promised to bring the premium Nescafé Azera brand "to the forefront" of the fast-growing chilled coffee segment.


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