Kiwi vodka brand 42Below has launched new, sustainable packaging with its 100 per cent recyclable bottle, with all aluminium and paper additions to its glass bottle.

Not only is the packaging 100 per cent recyclable, it can also be reused.
Not only is the packaging 100 per cent recyclable, it can also be reused.

In addition to being completely recyclable, the bottle is made from 60 per cent recycled materials, up from 20 per cent in the previous bottle, according to brand owner Barcardi.

In addition, production of the new packaging emits 12 per cent less carbon, and it is 20 per cent lighter in weight.

The 42Below bottle's design aesthertic lends itself to reuse.

“After enjoying the purest vodka in the world consumers are encouraged to give this bottle another life, rip off the labels and use it as a water bottle like you see in those fancy... cafes,” a statement from the company said.

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