Three Pence Roasters recently collaborated with Jet Technologies to elevate its brand identity and packaging strategies, undergoing a comprehensive rebranding process to enhance its market presence.

Previously, Three Pence faced packaging issues such as bags missing bottoms, or that wouldn’t open properly, resulting in spilled roasted coffee in the warehouse.

Jet supplied Three Pence with its block-bottom gusset coffee bags.
Jet Technologies supplied Three Pence with its block-bottom gusset coffee bags.

The company says, however, that  since switching to Jet, not only has the packaging improved in appearance, but Three Pence has also not encountered a single bag with faulty bottoms or openings.

“We’ve recently started contract roasting for a sizeable coffee brand, which has been an exciting venture for us,” said Mark Gentle, director of Three Pence Coffee.

“It was Jet’s custom-designed bags and upgraded packaging solutions that helped to get this deal across the line, really impressing our new customer who was in need of a packaging refresh.

“We’ve been able to transform the client’s old tube bags into stylish, four-sided gusset bags that stand out and align with their brand image.” 

Jet supplied Three Pence with its block-bottom gusset coffee bags, with the attractive design and practical design of the gusset allowing the coffee specialist’s products and branding to be showcased neatly, upright, and with a strong shelf presence.

“This allows for improved styling of product branding, which comes at an advantage to brands wanting to stand out from others in the market,” Daniel Malki, director of Jet Technologies, told PKN.

“The block-bottom design works uniquely to combine the functionality of a stand-up pouch with all the benefits of a side gusset bag, and is ideal for packaging a wide variety of coffee products, such as whole or ground bean coffee. 

“The coffee packaging that we deliver to Three Pence also features our premium laminate printing quality in a range of custom designs with their own branding, as well as their customers’ branding.”

The Sydney-based coffee brand was founded by Mark Gentle and Anthony Preston, after initially starting with a few cafes, before eventually changing direction and venturing into roasting their own coffee. 

“Originally influenced by the hectic pace and eclectic culture of hospitality, we soon realised we were most attracted to the beating heart of the industry – caffeine,” explained Gentle, director of Three Pence Coffee. 

“A love affair with coffee began when we noticed the modern coffee drinker was evolving. Customers were no longer satisfied with a quick caffeine fix, but were more discerning in their preference, interested in where the coffee came from and it’s tasting notes. 

“And so, our mission became to produce consistently excellent, sustainable and ethical coffee. 

“We started roasting coffee in Anthony’s garage in Cronulla back in 2014, and Three Pence was born in 2017. Now, we’re proud to supply coffee to many homes, cafes, restaurants and offices all over Australia.” 

Today, Three Pence boasts an impressive production, building and servicing a loyal customer base of approximately 200 clients – providing everything from coffee to custom printing for coffee bags and cups. 

“We recently came to realise that our previous suppliers and packaging products were not able to keep up with our rapid growth,” added Gentle.

“We wanted to proudly showcase our supplier partnerships to our customers, demonstrating that these suppliers also served other reputable businesses. That’s when we decided to collaborate with Jet for our bags, as they were well positioned to support our ongoing growth. 

“We service around 200 customers weekly, offering a diverse range of products and services. On top of distributing our own coffee range, some of our customers also rely on us for custom printing services, including coffee bags, cups, and other supplies for their own coffee. 

“Jet has been instrumental in providing us with the packaging solutions we need for this wide range for options.” 

Since partnering with Jet, Three Pence has experienced significant growth, offering its customers a new level of quality through Jet’s sturdy packaging with the thickness, and structure necessary to maintain the ultimate quality of a wide range of coffee products.

“It’s really satisfying to see our packaging solutions making a tangible impact on Three Pence’s business growth,” Malki concluded.

“With state-of-the-art packaging, Three Pence is now equipped to best meet the needs of its current customer-based, as well as to scale up for future growth. We’re excited to see where the future takes them.”

Jet supplied Three Pence with its block-bottom gusset coffee bags.
Jet supplied Three Pence with its block-bottom gusset coffee bags.


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