IoT-based, "perfect serve" system IntelliCUP is helping to manage consistency and waste for merchants and brewers, as well as responsible consumption for consumers looking to navigate venues and events in a post-Covid world. IntelliCUP co-founder Brian Stockdale spoke with PKN about how the tech is looking to enter Australia.

Founded in South Africa, IntelliCUP has established on-the-ground licensee partners in several countries, including the US and the UK, to expand its business, and is now turning its focus to Australia. It has already signed up former North Melbourne AFL player and club managing director Carl Dilena as an Australian licensee, who was also a mentor to the IntelliCUP team through the recent Startupbootcamp programme.

The IntelliCUP technology is a hygienic, cashless system that can be either retrofitted into existing cold chains or established as a mobile unit that replaces the point of dispensing at venues or events to ensure control of both product quality and the crowd queues. It delivers a 500ml serve of beer, or other mixed drink, within 12 to 15 seconds, including the transaction time.

“We have focused on delivering the perfect serve and the on-demand, cashless, data side of things that creates peace of mind for the brewer, merchant and user,” Stockdale told PKN.

“For the brewers, particularly, it manages brand equity. If a person has a drink that’s flat or warm, they don’t blame the venue but the brewer. Our technology – in combination with our IntelliHEAD and IntellIHUB systems – can set parameters for the product, volume, price and how it is dispensed to give a better customer journey and experience.”

“System controls can also be set up to see how many times a user docks a cup or set up a limit, so it can also manage responsible consumption of alcohol.”

The IntelliCUP also focuses on sustainability. The cup can be used up to 70 times and is made from PPE. Stockdale said the aim is create a cup that stays in circulation rather than have a single-event cup that can be thrown out.

“This has multiple uses and can be used washed, put back and reused. We can assist vendors through our app, which has a digital cup deposit system so when the customer connects to it, they’re charged for the deposit and if they don’t return it, they get charged,” Stockdale said.

“This gives people the motivation to return the cups and have it stay in circulation as long as possible, otherwise they will biodegrade over six to eight months."

IntelliCUP is also trialling a BPA-free cup solution, Tritan, for premium style use in up-market settings.

Stockdale said interest from Asahi and Carlton & United Breweries has already begun, with requests to see live demos of how the machine delivers products.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for both customers and brewers because there’s the possibility for direct communication,” he said.

“Seeing the data will allow for brewers to treat customers as individuals rather than a group. Also the management of waste, loss and consistency with the digital auditing is giving merchants the chance to improve profitability, which then helps the brewers as well.”

“Our goal now is to set up investment opportunities and create additional partners in Australia and around the world. It’s a fantastic product and we’re excited to see the way it could change event and venue experiences in a post-Covid world.”

IntelliCUP was part of the Startupbootcamp Demo Day, alongside Floteq Technologies, pitching the star-up to local investors to build their businesses in the region.

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