Allied Beverages’ patent-pending two-part can that converts into a cocktail shaker is set to launch later this year with the new BLVD ready-to-drink range. 

The Sydney Shaker is the name given to the patent-pending technology that Allied Beverages has developed, and which it says is designed to deliver “convenience in a can”.

The novel design, comprising two stacked cans, a built-in shaker and screwtop lid, twists apart to reveal the sealed beverage can and, once inverted, the cocktail shaker container.

Produced in two parts, the 250ml Visy can will be filled and seamed in Australia while The Sydney Shaker will be manufactured offshore. Allied Beverage's Melbourne-based finishing team will put the two parts together ready for retail shelves.

The company will contract manufacture The Sydney Shaker and assemble it for any beverage producer who wants to use its technology. Separately, it owns and will be launching its own brand BLVD using The Sydney Shaker. In Australia, BLVD is expected to launch in June, and the company confirms it already has US and UK distributors engaged for a launch in 2025.

“With 21% of Australians consuming RTDs, and 30% of Australian alcohol consumers preferring cocktails, BLVD addresses the gap between canned convenience and authentic taste,” Allied Beverages’ founder & CEO Mark Dorrell told PKN.

“The reason bars use cocktail shakers is to agitate, chill, dilute and aerate the liquid ensuring it is served in ideal conditions. This can’t be achieved by the addition of carbonation or nitrogen in the canning process,” he explained.

“By bringing this can to market, we are changing the way consumers enjoy cocktails at home or on the go,” he said.

Beyond rolling out the BLVD brand, the plan is to licence The Sydney Shaker technology to other beverage producers.

“Raising funds to place our first order, there has been significant interest from the industry, and with a letter of intent already signed with a national distributor, it’s only a matter of time before BLVD range and The Sydney Shaker are on shelves,” Dorrell said.

“Allied Beverages' commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation positions BLVD as a pioneering brand with significant growth potential, especially as it targets key markets in Australia, the US, and the UK,” he said.

Dorrell believes this venture not only “signifies a leap in beverage innovation” but also represents a “lucrative investment opportunity” in the multibillion dollar global liquor industry

“Allied Beverages is inviting investors and industry stakeholders to join in bringing this vision to life, promising a journey that not only capitalises on current market trends but sets new benchmarks for innovation and enjoyment in the beverage sector.”

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