Coca-Cola has been using a detachable label on Coke bottles to attract teens to its brand.

The company found that 40 of Romanian teens had not tasted Coke in the last month, but most of them attended at least one festival last summer.

It used these insights to take action by partnering with agency McCann Bucharest to come up with the packaging innovation.

A detachable label on Coke bottles doubles as a wristband for possible entrance to popular music festivals, according to Chief Marketer.

Millions of the 'festival bottles' are on store shelves nationally, with eight different wristband designs that carry a barcode.

Customers download the Coca-Cola app to scan the code to find out if they have won.

If so, the Coke wristband is then used to allow entry to some of the largest music festivals in Romania, including Untold, Romania’s largest electronic music festival based in Transylvania.

According to McCann, there were 117,712 unique users in the first month and the Coke wristband campaign has already outperformed the leading Coca-Cola promotion in Romania by 27 per cent.,

Sales have reportedly jumped 11 per cent and the bands have become fashion statements.

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