SmarterSeal is a patent-pending packaging innovation for food and beverage cans developed by US innovator Will Battaglia of company U-Shield LLC.

SmarterSeal is a relatively inexpensive solution that completely covers the top of beverage cans, not just the opening, providing 100 per cent protection against any bacterial, chemical, and environmental contamination, according to its inventor Will Battaglia.

The lid can be made out of food grade HDPE or PP.

“It also easily and effortlessly reseals top of beverage cans by simply pressing finger around the can, in a zip-lock fashion,” he says.

“So, not only does it provide the consumer with protection against potential health hazards, but it also provides the consumer with unquestionable convenience.”

SmarterSeal can either be manufactured via an over-moulding process (attached to can) or can be manufactured separately (injection moulded), that is, completely separate from the can, but snaps tightly over the can lid, securing firmly.

This option also offers the unique benefit of detaching easily and being removed by consumers for recycling purposes.

SmarterSeal is currently being manufactured in China, with additional manufacturing soon in North America and Africa, Battaglia says.

You can get in touch with SmarterSeal via email here.

Here's a short demo of the lid being tested.

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