Coopers Brewery has released a range of limited edition 440ml cans to celebrate the 60th birthday of its chief brewer and MD Dr Tim Cooper.

Coopers is producing 20,000 cases of Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale in the 440ml can format.

This is the first time Coopers has released a 440ml can, which will be available at the same price as the standard 375ml can.


Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale was first produced in 2004 as an experiment to see whether Coopers ales, which undergo secondary fermentation, could be successfully packaged in cans.

Coopers’ packaging company Amcor (now Orora) provided cans for this experiment with Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale already printed on them.

This resulted in what the brewery calls an “accidental product” which has since developed its own dedicated following.

For many years, sales of Dr Tim’s were restricted to South Australia, but the ale is now available nationally.

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