Social distancing is the order of the day, and as result social networking is now more of a focus than ever. APPMA has ramped up its social media activity significantly, and is inviting industry to join.

"Not only is the APPMA producing content that is relevant and timely to its members, the industry as a whole can benefit from the initiatives and communications we are pushing out," general manager Michael Moran said.

"This is a great way for APPMA members and the wider industry to readily access important and worthwhile media content, as well as allowing the APPMA to gain a better view of developments within the industry from what players are sharing on their platforms.

APPMA's LinkedIn page shares member news and content of interest to the wider industry.
APPMA's LinkedIn page shares member news and content of interest to the wider industry.

"Social media, when used properly, is a great tool for mutual parties to grow and expand their business," Moran said.

"For the APPMA social media is all about achieving its goals of being a better voice for its members, and what better time to do so."

Readers are invited to follow the APPMA’s social media channels:

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Food & Drink Business

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