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Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) has recognised 50 innovative companies from across the Australian food, beverage, packaging and agribusiness sectors in the fourth edition of its innovation book.

Each year the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) collaborates with FIAL to develop the book, nominating Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Award winners for recognition. For the 2019 edition, six PIDA winners have been recognised in the top 50 and include: BioPak, ICEE Containers, Caps and Closures, Result Group, Lactote and 8 Kangaroos.

The book, Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations, showcases diverse innovations from across Australia’s food and agribusiness industry and the top 50 innovative companies were chosen by an expert panel of judges from industry, academia and research.

The FIAL team has searched far and wide to find some of the best innovations in the country — from small businesses to multinationals, the book showcases 50 innovations from across the whole value chain. From sugarcane packaging to bone broth crisps, the exciting innovations featured in the book are aligned to the five global food and agribusiness megatrends identified by CSIRO. These are: a less predictable planet, health on the mind, choosy customers, one world, and smarter food chains.

FIAL created the book to share the success stories of companies that overcame challenges, in order to inspire the industry and to motivate change. To order your copy of the 4th Edition Innovations Book, visit https://fial.com.au/celebrating-innovations-19

Food & Drink Business

East Forged is at the forefront of the craft tea industry with its ready-to-drink Cold Brew Nitro Tea brand, positioning tea as a sophisticated beverage suitable for social occasions.

Australia Plant Proteins was the first company in Australia to develop and commercialise a plant protein isolate powder. It is at the forefront of innovative plant-based protein solutions and plays a key role in building Australia’s reputation on the global stage in this burgeoning industry.

Don is set to revolutionise the smallgoods market with the launch of its resealable flow wrap pack for sandwich fillers and other smallgoods.