Alexandra Brayshaw, winner of the 2015 APPMA Scholarship, has completed her Diploma in Packaging Technology, which she says was a valuable experience that allowed her to learn more about an evolving industry.

The APPMA has been running the Scholarship program, in conjunction with the AIP, for ten years; it enables one lucky packaging technologist, designer or engineer in Australia the opportunity to complete a Diploma in Packaging Technology to the value of $9,000 every year.

The internationally accredited Diploma in Packaging Technology prepares students to take responsibility for packaging operations at any level through the supply chain. The qualification is comprehensive and provides an opportunity to study the principles of packaging, packaging materials and packaging processes. Diploma in Packaging Technology students are from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and are typically experienced practitioners or managers in technical, sales/marketing, QA, purchasing, engineering or design.

Completion of the Diploma in Packaging Technology demonstrates your commitment to your career and to the industry. Delegates who successfully complete the Diploma are equipping themselves for senior positions within the packaging industry.

Here is what Brayshaw had to say about the APPMA Scholarship and attaining her Diploma in Packaging Technology:

What is your current role? What are your areas of responsibility?

My current role is the Accessible Packaging Researcher in Arthritis Australia’s Accessible Design Division. This role is varied but rewarding as I work to assist the packaging industry with developing packaging that all consumers can easily open, including consumers with reduce strength and dexterity. I enjoy working with clients to find the right kind of service to assist their redevelopment process, as well as being involved in the testing process.

What did winning the APPMA Scholarship mean to you? How important are scholarships like this?

I was very excited when I won the APPMA Scholarship, as I knew it would help shape my career. I had studied Industrial Design at University, which included subjects on packaging design and manufacturing, but the scholarship gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to expand my packaging expertise. Winning the scholarship also showed me that the packaging industry wants to invest in young talent and ensure that the workforce will continue to have quality skills.

What does graduating from the Diploma in Packaging Technology mean to you?

I found that studying while working fulltime had its challenges but achieving good results and graduating has been particularly rewarding. The course has also given me greater confidence in my work and assisted me in achieving better outcomes with our clients.

How will you apply this knowledge moving forward?

The Diploma in Packaging Technology has given me both a broader understanding of the industry as a whole and a deeper knowledge of a number of key topics. It has been particularly satisfying applying what I have learnt to my work to improve packaging accessibility and I know it will continue to inform many aspects of my role.

Do you have any advice on why other people should complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology?

I think when you’re beginning your career, it’s important to try and gain as much knowledge as possible of the industry as a whole. This might include aspects that are broader then your current role, but it will allow you to see how your position fits in the bigger picture. The packaging industry is also constantly evolving with new technologies and trends, so I think its vital that the fundamentals of packaging are understood and the Diploma can provide this knowledge set.

So where to from here for your career?

After completing the Diploma I feel I have a strong packaging foundation to build my career from and that the opportunities are endless. But for now, I want to continue applying the knowledge I have gained to my accessibility field and help industry make further improvements in the area.

The 2019 APPMA Scholarship is currently open for entries and will be closing on 22 February.

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