O-I will host AIP members at its Brisbane Cullet plant next Tuesday 13 August.

The manufacturer, which produces around 2.7 billion glass bottles and jars every year, is aiming to increase its average cullet (recycled glass) percentage in Australia from 39 to 50 per cent by 2025. The Brisbane plant is a big part of this, says Nerida Kelton, executive director AIP.

“Brisbane Cullet now represents some $10m of investment and is the largest investment of its type in Queensland. It is responsible for the creation of twenty-six new jobs in the area, and processes over 140,000 tonnes of recycled glass per year, including glass normally downcycled or sent to a landfill,” she said.

Brisbane Cullet, co-developed by O-I and APCO in 2014, is the only Australian plant with processing capabilities. These include optical processing, which sorts through the material to remove paper, plastic and organics, then separates the glass into two colour streams of clear and coloured glass; and flat glass crushing, which removes laminate to produce furnace-ready cullet.

“Attendees will see O-I's cullet plant, including seeing in feed materials such as COEX and MRF, plus the processing shed where the material is cleaned and sorted into the finished product,” said Kelton.

The visit is free for AIP members, and registration is open here.

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