• Crowded house: AIP Seminar on Fighting Food Waste, Save Food and Sustainable Packaging Design.
    Crowded house: AIP Seminar on Fighting Food Waste, Save Food and Sustainable Packaging Design.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will host three seminars at the up-coming ProPak Philippines exhibition at the end of January.

The AIP's Nerida Kelton has joined the government steering committee.
Nerida Kelton.

Conducted in English, the free sessions were developed by AIP in conjunction with the organisers of ProPak Philippines. “The AIP educational program is designed to help businesses in the region to better understand packaging and the important role it plays in their business,” says Nerida Kelton, executive director, AIP.

The first seminar, “Understanding the value of Sustainable & Save Food Packaging to your business”, will focus on the need to move to more sustainable packaging solutions.

“The world of packaging has shifted at an extremely fast-pace and this seminar will help companies to better understand how to work through the maze of demands to change packaging to meet environmental challenges,” says Kelton. “The seminar will include the Sustainability Hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and the circular approach to packaging and the environment.

“Attendees will learn how packaging material impacts the environment and whether the use of non-renewable resources, plant-based bioplastics, compostable and recycled materials can assist their business to understand the full life of packaging.”

The second seminar, ‘Understanding Packaging Economics & Product Life Extension’, will examine ways to increase product shelf life and make packaging more cost-effective. “The course will be of interest to newcomers to this area of packaging, either from a packaging aspect or food science side who have a focus on minimising food waste through cost effective packaging,” says Kelton.

Finally, a workshop on ‘A better understanding of the value and benefits to introducing new and innovative automated packaging systems into your business’ will guide attendees through ways to introduce automation, robotics, and other innovative systems into their packaging processes.

“As a part of the workshop the presenter will discuss some of the general issues and concerns in the room and invite all attendees to contribute to the discussion,” says Kelton. “In addition, the workshop attendees will be invited to walk the show floor with the presenter to see and learn about some of the new innovations in technology available to their businesses.”

Guests can register for the seminars at https://www.propakphilippines.com/ppkp/2019/en/conference.asp or by contacting Ms. Kanyasa (Pan) at kanyasa@ubm.com. AIP will also exhibit on stand H2 at the event, which will be held in Manila from January 24-26.

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