The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will hold a half-day training course in Melbourne next month on the future of flexible packaging.

Slated for 28 August at the Viewpoint Centre in St Kilda, the course aims to give participants a broad understanding of the benefits of flexible packaging; the manufacturing process; the future of flexible films; the latest packaging trends; and the challenges of sustainability, especially with the 2025 targets, according to AIP executive director Nerida Kelton.

“The Future of Flexible Packaging half-day training course will cover the basic fundamentals of flexible packaging, its benefits, how you choose the specific structures to match the product, its performance, marketing challenges, and how the packaging is manufactured,” she said.

The day will feature headline speaker Joe Foster of O.F Pack, who Kelton says has a “truly global view” of flexible packaging.

“Flexible packaging has always been his passion, and Joe will be able to share his extensive knowledge and understanding of this ever-changing market as we see constant challenges facing from production constraints to environmental impacts,” she said.

Sustainability will be one focus of the course, and Kelton is eager to promote the environmental benefits of flexible packaging.

“Innovation and technology have enabled flexible packaging manufacturers to use fewer natural resources in the creation of their packaging, and improvements in production processes have reduced water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds.

“With the latest challenges facing us regarding sustainability in packaging the course will discuss the options, pros and cons of Compostability vs Recyclability and other alternative materials now available. As an add on, the course will be looking at the future plans for flexible packaging and available recycling options to meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets,” she said.

Registration is open now.

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