In this episode we talk Better Packaging with Pierre Pienaar, president of the World Packaging Organisation

WPO President Pierre Pienaar: Packaging will increase in importance in a post-Covid-19 world.
WPO President Pierre Pienaar.

PKN Managing Editor & Publisher Lindy Hughson is joined by Pierre Pienaar, president of the World Packaging Organisation, to discuss the organisation’s goal to bring about a ‘better quality of life through better packaging for more people’.

To set the context, Lindy provides a snapshot of PKN Packaging News' sixty years of history, its focus on the packaging industry and the rapid change in packaging which is helping to make this the most exciting time to be in the industry. We then discuss the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), its engagement with the UN, the role of its president and Pierre's three main objectives which are to reduce food waste, reduce packaging waste and increase global awareness of packaging. 

Pierre highlights the importance of educating children in first to third grade to build consumer awareness of packaging and recycling at an early age. He notes the UN's statement that, at our current rate of non-sustainable packaging use, by 2050 we will need the equivalent of three planet Earths to provide sufficient resources. Pierre discusses the circular economy, the importance of waste elimination through recycling and how packaging can be the solution rather than the problem. He also notes the importance of businesses having suitably trained and qualified people in charge of packaging development to ensure that recycling issues and the circular economy are addressed from the beginning of product development. 

We wrap up the episode with a discussion on the increased number of WorldStar Packaging Awards being won by companies from Australian and New Zealand noting that, for the first time, a local company has won the WPO President's Award for innovation in packaging that supports recycling and reduces waste.

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