PKN talks...  the cobot revolution and how it will benefit manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand, with James McKew, regional director for Universal Robots Asia-Pacific.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, and James McKew, regional director for Universal Robots Asia-Pacific, discuss cobots and the benefits they can bring to manufacturing.

The episode starts with McKew explaining the difference between a standard, industrial robot and a collaborative robot, also known as a cobot. He explains their benefits along with the typical tasks and environments they can be found in.

The discussion covers the technological advances in robotics that are driving the improvement in current cobots as compared to the original models. This leads to a review of how cobots can assist small to medium organisations, allowing their staff to be in control of the automation and work with it rather than being replaced by it.

Pricing is an important aspect of installing technology in manufacturing and McKew addresses the savings that are possible through the use of cobots which, in turn, allow Australian and New Zealand manufacturing to compete with overseas production. We wrap up the episode with a description of how cobots can best benefit regional manufacturing.

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MC: Grant McHerron
Host: Lindy Hughson
Producer: Steve Visscher

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