PKN talks... the making of the prototype recycled KitKat wrapper, with Jacky Nordsvan from Nestle Oceania and Richard Smith from Amcor Flexibles.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, Jacky Nordsvan, head of packaging at Nestle Oceania and Richard Smith, director of sustainability at Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific, discuss the groundbreaking effort that went into producing the recycled KitKat wrapper.

The episode starts with a review of the organisations involved in the initiative, why the KitKat product was specifically chosen and how the entire process works. The topics covered range from consumers engaging with flexible plastic recycling through to the production of a food safe, truly circular process for the ongoing production of KitKat wrappers.

The discussion then moves on to review the value of the collaboration between the many organisations involved in the project and the effort required to scale this initiative to cover more products, including the expansion of soft plastic recycle trials nationwide.

We wrap up by noting that this initiative demonstrates there is consumer willingness to invest the effort in recycling flexible plastics while also confirming that innovation requires collaboration across many groups.

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MC: Grant McHerron
Host: Lindy Hughson
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