• Forever Bottles: reusable and refillable glass bottles
    Forever Bottles: reusable and refillable glass bottles

Thankyou has unveiled its latest innovation: Forever Bottles – reusable and refillable glass bottles which it says mark a significant stride towards circularity, aligning with its mission to create a positive impact on the planet.
As previously reported in PKN, in 2023, Australian-born social enterprise Thankyou reimagined consumerism for global rollout when it launched an all-new range in cleaning  products – a new category for the organisation, and added new products to its personal care portfolio.
The new Forever Bottles are crafted from recyclable glass and are designed to be purchased and used indefinitely, offering consumers an alternative to traditional single-use packaging.
With a focus on reducing waste and minimising environmental footprint, Thankyou says it has introduced these premium products as part of its commitment to a healthier planet.
Each bottle is designed to ensure longevity, encouraging consumers to embrace a mindset of reuse and reduce.

Food & Drink Business

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