ANZ e-commerce packaging company Better Packaging Co. has launched Spot On, a compostable co-extruded mailing bag printed with a multi-colour, full-bleed design. The first variant sports leopard print, to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Amur leopard.

Getting the technology in place to make and screenprint the bag required a sizeable investment in time, effort, R&D, printing equipment and film-blowing machinery (for the non-transparent, white co-ex film). This was undertaken in conjunction with Better Packaging Co.'s  manufacturing partners offshore with which the company has an exclusive arrangement.

The bags are printed and shipped to Better Packaging Co.'s five distribution centres around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

“It involved a lot of trial and error to figure out how to print high-quality, multi-colour, full-bleed designs on our home compostable satchels,” Kate Bezar, creative director at Better Packaging Co. told PKN . “The result is a beautiful, functional, compostable, carbon negative mailing bag that supports one of the world's most endangered leopards.”

“We couldn’t just settle for crafting a beautiful design, we’re on a mission to make the world a better place. When we heard about the plight of the Amur Leopard from our friends at the World Wildlife Fund, things just started falling into place,” Bezar said.

“There are less than 100 of these beautiful animals left in the wild so we saw the opportunity to print on our mailers as a chance to do something more. We are hopefully generating a heap of awareness for these incredible animals as well as donating a percentage of sales to support the WWF’s appeal to protect the Amur leopard.”

Customers have the opportunity to double their contribution to the Amur Leopard Fund. All they need to do is have their customers share a photo or video of Spot On in the wild (ie. when they receive it or wherever their imagination leads them) and use the tag #spotoninthewild and Better Packaging Co. will double the contribution to the Amur leopard fund for that bag.

The Spot On mailer, which is certified AS5810 Home Compostable, is also the first of the Better Packaging Co.’s mailers to be carbon offset. 

“After finally completing full LCAs for this family of products, we are now able to offset the global warming impact (carbon footprint) and have chosen to do this by 200 per cent – a truly carbon negative / climate positive packaging solution,” Bezar said.

Hear more about the Better Packaging Co. and the work it is doing in this podcast interview with Kate Bezar. 

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