Cling-wrap brand Glad has partnered with Oceanworks, a global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products, to create Australia’s first recycled bin liner made from plastics that they say would likely have ended up in the ocean.

Glad and Oceanworks claim each bin liner will stop the equivalent of two 2L plastic bottles from entering the ocean. The move comes as research from Glad revealed that 67 per cent of Australians view plastic in the ocean as the number one environmental concern.

The new Glad to be Green 50% Ocean Bound Plastic Recycled Bags are made with plastic collected from communities that are within 50km of shorelines, and that have no formal waste management. 

“We know consumers across Australia and New Zealand want to reduce plastic waste in our oceans,” said Joy Delis, marketing director at The Clorox Company ANZ, which owns Glad. 

“We are proud to be working with Oceanworks to achieve a common goal in helping protect our environment, and educate consumers on the importance of stopping plastic waste from entering our oceans.”

Oceanworks is on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis, by connecting at-risk waste plastic. It says brands and consumers are looking to buy circular products, and become part of the solution. 

The organisation offers resin made from ocean recycled plastic, that goes into products such as bike accessories, dog toys, shoes and bin liners. 

“At Oceanworks, we envision a world where plastic is no longer wasted, and instead reused and recycled within a circular economy,” said Vanessa Coleman, Oceanworks CEO.

“Achieving our mission at scale requires global brand leaders like Glad that are willing to take action, incorporate a new material stream, and share that story with their customers.

“Together we can and will eliminate plastic pollution, reduce plastic’s carbon footprint, and create jobs in collector communities worldwide.” 

Glad to be Green 50% is now available at Coles, Woorlworths, and other local supermarkets nationwide.

Food & Drink Business

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