• Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor & Publisher, PKN
    Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor & Publisher, PKN

PKN is excited to announce our move into the world of podcasts! As we celebrate our 60th year as the media voice of Australia’s packaging industry, we believe this addition to our multi-media platform is both timely and relevant.

We’re aiming to offer our members a blend of topical and sponsored content in this new format. Click here to listen to the first episode.

We’ll be airing discussions on all things packaging, highlighting innovation, design and sustainable packaging initiatives that are moving the industry forward towards a circular economy and meeting our national packaging targets. And we’ll be looking at exciting industry projects, and community initiatives, and covering technology and material developments too.

There are so many good news stories from the world of packaging, and we at PKN feel compelled to spread the word, bringing our audience entertaining and informative interviews with industry leaders, change drivers and experts across all aspects of packaging.

If you have any ideas or pitches that you think would work well for future episodes, please do reach out to me.

Lindy Hughson lindyhughson@yaffa.com.au
Managing Editor & Publisher

PS: Copy this link into your podcast program to subscribe to the PKN Podcast feed: https://rss.whooshkaa.com/rss/podcast/id/13263

If you click on the link while reading the article on your phone, it should launch your podcast application automatically.

Food & Drink Business

In a world first, the Singapore Food Agency says a cultivated meat – US-based Eat Just’s cultured chicken nuggets – meets its food safety standards and is safe for human consumption. The industry is calling the decision a game changer.

The Brewers Association of Australia has appointed John Preston as its new CEO. Preston will start in the role on 4 January 2021.

Asahi Beverages has appointed Nigel Parsons as the new CEO of Asahi Lifestyle Beverages. He will join the company on 1 March 2021.