Innovia Films is launching RayoForm EUP60, a white BOPP film for in-mould labelling (IML), which the company said is a very high opacity, high yield product that has a density as low as 0.55 g/cubic centimetre.

The company said that, combined with its specially formulated and printable matte surface, the EUP60 is engineered to give outstanding high-speed sheet feeding and adhesion for both UV and oxidative inks.

EUP60 is designed with special features that make it suitable for any shape container or lid without risk of distortion to the container or lid, according to Innovia. 

The film is suitable for use on small-to-medium size, thin or thick wall PP or PE containers, providing a tactile ‘soft-touch’ finish after moulding. It can also produce a finished polyolefin mono-material container, making the pack fully recyclable, Innovia says. 

“As well as the technical performance of EUP60, we can produce reels for the customer that are longer than anything else in the marketplace,” said Alasdair McEwen, product manager for labels at Innovia.

“More linear metres in a reel leads to less changeovers and improved printing efficiency, with printing speeds of up to 14,000 sheets per hour being realised. 

“This applies to either roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet conversion processes, and customers can choose either horizontal or large diameter vertical reel packing, depending on their requirements.” 

The large diameter rolls that Innovia can supply, means less changes and higher efficiencies for converters, as well as a dramatic reduction in packaging waste.

“Our 5-layer film technology allows us to produce this film with the optimum combination of yield, opacity, whiteness and printability, ensuring excellent off-press ink adhesion with either traditional or UV offset inks,” McEwen concluded.

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