Innovia Films, which has an Australian facility in Melbourne, is launching a new film in its Encore range of sustainable polypropylene packaging films, the REF30cn.

Innovia says the REF30cn has a high level of certified renewable content (via ISCC Plus mass balance), specifically achieving carbon neutrality on a cradle-to-grave basis. 

According to the comany the technical film performance matches that of the fossil-based equivalent, so it can be used in both high-speed horizontal flow-wrap and overwrap applications. Innovaia says the film is also fully food contact compliant. 

“With a growing focus on carbon footprint and a desire to reduce the impact on our environment, we are introducing the Encore REF30cn into the market,” explains Paul Watters, product development manager Packaging, Innovia Filma. 

“This film addresses these issues by having a high certified renewable content, which in turn reduces the film’s carbon footprint to the position of being carbon neutral. 

“REF30cn will be the first of a number of Encore products we will bring to the market. The focus will not only be on certified renewable materials and carbon footprint, but also on the use of certified recycled materials.” 

REF30cn has also been classified as Made for Recycling by Interseroh, provider of services for the take-back and recycling of transport packaging.

Innovia says the Interseroh certification further enhances the sustainable benefits of this film – it can be classified as recycle ready, or recyclable in countries that have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene.

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