• The three dots symbolise continuation and the open-endedness of refillable products.
    The three dots symbolise continuation and the open-endedness of refillable products.

In a quest to explore sustainable products and eco-design in the beauty industry, Avery Dennison trials the concept of hypothetical brand Dot Dot Dot.

Refillable beauty products offer a way to use high performing packaging materials more sustainably. Shoppers are rewarded for reusing containers, often with a refill discount, and brands have a new way to form valuable, long-term relationships with customers.

Hypothetical brand Dot Dot Dot is a refillable shampoo made from natural ingredients.

Avery Dennison says the three dots on the bottle, when put together like an ellipsis, are a symbol of continuation. The company goes on to explain that they are a nod to the cycles of nature, as well as to the “open-endedness of refillable beauty products”.

The scattered dots are spread across the bottle, and according to the company, represent the need to develop more conscious ‘slow’ routines.

The gold Voyage typeface adds an “elegant touch” and the words ‘nurture’, ‘cycle’, and ‘beauty’ communicate a reminder to refocus on more positive self-care habits, says Avery Dennison.

The filmic label is made from 100 per cent recycled PE resin (rPE) and applied to an HDPE bottle, “maximising its recyclability and closing the loop on plastic waste”.

The recycled film is highly flexible, which makes it a great match for squeezable products like shampoo, says Avery Dennison.

This article was published in the May-June 2022 print issue of PKN Packaging News, p16.

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