Natures Organics has launched its newest brand, Natural State, which features a collection of 'sustainably-minded' home fragrances, and hand and body washes, packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, which come with a refill system for easy top-ups.

Crafted using recycled materials and plant-based ingredients, the Natural State range includes a selection of premium candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, hand washes and body washes designed, the brand owner says, to inspire Australians to "slow down and take a moment of mindfulness".

The reed diffuser and room spray refill bottles are made with 98 per cent recycled plastic, and 100 per cent recyclable cardboard to reduce landfill waste, while hand and body wash refill pouches use 80 per cent less plastic compared to a standard bottle. 

Building on the success of Natures Organics’ popular cleaning brand, Cove, the Natural State range is available in Woolworths, and also features a unique refill system to encourage Australians to make more sustainable choices, with beautiful aluminium bottles designed to last a lifetime.

Through Natural State’s refill system,consumers can simply purchase a refill for their reed diffuser, room spray, hand or body wash, and top up as required, without removing the beautiful bottles from their place within the home. 

The new brand, according to the company, has been created to help people “discover moments of affordable self-care through calming experiences, while educating them to be more aware of their environmental footprint”. 

“When we launched Cove, the response was incredible, so we wanted to continue to push the boundaries and explore other avenues to provide more environmentally sustainable home products for Australians,” said Brent Vrdoljak, marketing manager for home care at Natures Organics.

“During Covid, we saw a huge shift towards people prioritising self-care, so we felt Natural State was the perfect next step. 

“The products encourage people to let their minds rest, while reducing the amount of single-use plastics that impact our environment.”

Newly appointed Natural State ambassador and passionate sustainability advocate with a Masters in Environment, Sally Flower, explained how important it is for businesses like Natural State to make eco-conscious products more accessible for Australians. 

“I have partnered with Natural State because I believe everyone, no matter where they live, or their income level, should have access to products that make less waste the status quo,” Flower said. 

“Eco-products have historically been placed within a unique affluent market, which is why supporting businesses that are willing to go the extra mile and make sustainable alternatives at an affordable price point is really important. 

“To preserve our natural resources, and repair and heal the earth, while reducing carbon emissions, we must shift to a whole new way of living that doesn’t position sustainability as an add on but embeds it into everything we do. At the moment, most of the products on our supermarket shelves operate on a take-make-waste model. 

“We need businesses like Natural State pushing the supply chain change so that there is no distinction between what is and isn’t good for the environment on supermarket shelves – it will all just become the same.” 

Natural State products are available in three stylish colour schemes to complement any home interior (brass, copper and matte black), and are available exclusively at Woolworths.

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