In the 1990s, Nutraceutical Gummies were brought to the market to provide an alternative delivery method for vitamins and minerals. This concept was heavily targeted towards children who showed resistance to more traditional, less appetising, delivery methods such as tablets, powders and liquids. Now its target market is expanding.

With growing lifestyle diseases, busy schedules and greater awareness about preventative health, there has been an increase in the consumption of supplements, with consumers continuously on the look-out for the easiest and most enjoyable way to take them.

“Nutraceutical Gummies offer a lower barrier for supplementation,” said Peter Pontikis, managing director at Nupac Industries.

“With varying flavours, colours and shapes, these products provide more appeal than traditional delivery methods such as tablets or capsules.”

With the increasing appeal of these products, the global Nutraceutical Gummy market is seeing a positive growth trend. 

According to Future Markets Insights, the Nutraceutical Gummies market is expected to grow significantly at a CAGR of 15 per cent between 2021 and 2023.

This growth will be fuelled by a range of factors, including the increasing demand for enjoyable, tasty and easy to consume products from both adults and children, as well as increasing knowledge and awareness around health, in particular preventative healthcare, making consumers more active in terms of supplementation and nutrient intake.

The continual development of clean, healthy and versatile gummy supplements has also established a high quality standing for these products in the market.

These developments have also opened the gates for emerging markets such as CBD gummies, offering pain relief in gummy format, in an industry which is growing as legalisation is passed globally.

With these factors driving growth, it is clear to see the market for these products will continue to evolve, and as a result, manufacturers will have to evolve with them, according to Pontikis.

For those manufacturers previously more pharmaceutical focused, this shift to Nutraceutical Gummies may present unfamiliar territory, as it replicates more of a confectionery type of manufacturing process, rather than a pharmaceutical process. 

“The manufacturing process of Nutraceutical Gummies is similar to that of regular gummies in the confectionery space, however, there are specific factors which need to be taken into consideration,” Pontikis explained.

“It is important to ensure the capabilities of the processing and packaging solutions are tailored to fit these specific needs, to ensure the product is manufactured to meet the quality and consistency standards desired.”

With those manufacturers who have contemplated moving into this space, Nupac is one company that can provide a strong base of knowledge and support to help them begin production. 

“With knowledgeable European partners and long history of working with both pharmaceutical and confectionery manufacturers, we have a strong understanding of how their operations work and how we can help ensure they can best action a new line or product,” Pontikis concluded.

Nupac is a member of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

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