• Kevin Redmond, new business manager for the Morrison Tronics partnership (right), on the Morrison stand at Pack Expo with Dustin Lee (left), Morrison CHS.
    Kevin Redmond, new business manager for the Morrison Tronics partnership (right), on the Morrison stand at Pack Expo with Dustin Lee (left), Morrison CHS.

Manufacturing solutions provider Tronics is entering into a strategic transatlantic partnership with Morrison Container Handling Solutions, which it says is aimed at delivering "cutting-edge" container handling options, change part solutions, and tailored designs to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market for packaging line operations.

Through this partnership, Tronics says it is poised to empower manufacturing enterprises to maximise production efficiency and output, to meet market demands with streamlined container handling processes, optimise container control, and ensure a continuous and efficient flow for packaging lines.

Central to this partnership are the companies’ core products, designed to "revolutionise" container handling within manufacturing setups:

  • Timing Screws: Delivering split-second accuracy, a pivotal factor in enhancing overall production line productivity.
  • Change Parts (Stars and Guides): Facilitating rapid changeovers and accommodating new container sizes with these versatile components, reducing downtime and increasing flexibility.
  • Twist Blocks: Boosting container control by replacing existing screws on packaging lines or introducing purpose-designed elements for new containers.
  • Down Bottle Reject Guides: Combating wasted products and operational interruptions by automatically identifying and rejecting down containers, minimising downtime and losses.
  • Stacking Systems: Enhancing downstream equipment efficiency, such as sleevers, bundlers, cartoners, and baggers, through advanced container stacking capabilities.
  • Lane Combiners and Dividers: Merging and separating lanes to increase throughput throughout the line.

The companies say the partnership demonstrates their commitment not only to industry innovation, but also reinforces their dedication to providing tailored solutions that address the challenges of modern manufacturing.

"Tronics is excited to collaborate with Morrison to offer our manufacturing customers a range of cutting-edge container handling solutions that redefine efficiency and performance," said Ken Sky, general manager at Tronics. "We are confident that our partnership will usher in a new era of streamlined manufacturing processes."

"Tronics has a great legacy in the industry and paired with our 52 years of timing screw expertise, we can’t wait to see how this partnership can help bring important automation solutions to companies in Australia," Morrison’s CEO Nancy Wilson, added.

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