Omron, global provider of automation-based industrial technology, has introduced its new iX3 and iX4 parallel robots, which the company says delivers higher payloads and speeds for faster and more flexible picking and packaging applications.

The new iX3-565 boasts a payload of 8kg, and is made for high-speed applications in packaging, food and beverage, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Omron describes it as a "powerful" robot which it says supports integrated high-speed conveyor tracking, vision guidance, and easy-to-use application software, "created specifically for the packaging market". 

According to Omron the iX3 is designed with a high payload, to be used for multi-picking and for faster pick and place. It says it is is the "complete solutio"n when it comes to packaging both primary and secondary food.

The company says the iX3 features a hygienic design that "minimises" contamination risks, including a standard IP65-rated work area and corrosion-resistant materials for easy wash-down. Omron says that with the iX3, provides a safe solution for handling food and beverage products.

Key features of the iX3 include:

  • Tracks up to a conveyor speed of 1.4m/s
  • Designed with a high payload to support multi-hand (multi-picking)
  • Extended vertical reach allows for a 3.9m workspace, enabling a wider variety of packages to be used
  • EtherCAT connectivity to the Omron NJ501-R controller and programming through the IEC 61131-3 programming language or scripting

Omron’s fastest parallel robot yet

Boasting a payload capacity of 15kg, the new iX4 four-axis parallel robot comes with Omron’s patented four-arm rotational platform, which “delivers maximum speed, acceleration, and exceptional performance”.

Omron says the iX4 offers fast and flexible packaging and material handling applications, with its four arms helping to evenly distribute the load on the robot and support multi-picking.

The comany claims it meets the sanitary standards of the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration for prevention of product contamination, allowing the iX4 to be accepted for meat and poultry processing.

Key features of the iX4 include:

  • Designed with a high payload to support multi-hand (multi-picking)
  • Meets the sanitary standards of the USDA and FDA
  • Supports quick and high-precision pick and place applications on a fast conveyor
  • EtherCAT connectivity to the Omron NJ501-R controller and programming through the IEC 61131-3 programming language or scripting 

For more on the new iX3 and iX4, along with other Omron products, visit the company’s website here.

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