• Nathan Wardell, Packserv's MD, has been appointed the new director of the APPMA Board.
    Nathan Wardell, Packserv's MD, has been appointed the new director of the APPMA Board.

Nathan Wardell, managing director at Packserv, has been appointed to the APPMA board to replace Mark Hollingsworth, who retired from the board following his resignation as Rhima Group’s CEO. 

With his resignation from APPMA member company Rhima Australia, Mark Hollingsworth was no longer eligible to remain on the APPMA Board as a director.

“In accordance with the Constitution, where there is a director vacancy due to early retirement and the relevant member company elects not to nominate a replacement, the Board has the option to nominate, and if accepted, appoint a replacement from within the membership companies,” APPMA chair Mark Dingley explained.

“Given this option, we are delighted that Nathan Wardell has accepted the position of APPMA director. The role is one we all take seriously, and his experience and commitment to the industry is one which we are excited to welcome onto the Board.”

With a lineage spanning three generations of packaging and manufacturing, Wardell also brings over 25 years' experience in the packaging machinery industry and holds qualifications in business, accounting and management.

Wardell is a business owner who is a strong advocate of personal development and a champion of promoting diversity and inclusivity within the workplace. Also, his participation in the 2022 and 2023 director nomination and election processes demonstrated his desire and willingness to contribute on the Board.

With Packserv located in Sydney, Wardell’s appointment will also provide a voice representing the NSW market.

With other Board members residing in South Australia, Queensland and Victoria, the team is well positioned to explore and contribute to supporting and servicing the membership and the broader processing and packaging industry.

“It is an honour to be invited to be part of this organisation and to be more involved in the industry that my family has worked in over the last three generations,” Wardell said.

“I have always been an advocate for Australian manufacturing and have worked closely with various academic bodies and University institutions for the innovation and development of materials, manufacturing processes and technologies that can be utilised and adopted by the industry and Australian manufacturers at large.

“We have such a rich talent and technological capabilities here in Australia and it’s great to be a part of the organisation that champions and promotes its growth and development.

“APPMA has always been well run and organised, and I hope to have a positive influence on APPMA’s involvement in the industry as a whole.”

Wardell has already officially commenced his role as APPMA director, as of 1 February during the first Board Meeting for 2024.

Mark Hollingsworth, outgoing director of the APPMA Board and ex-Rhima Group CEO.
Mark Hollingsworth, outgoing director of the APPMA Board and ex-Rhima Group CEO.

Mark Hollingworth’s work and contribution to the AUSPACK and APPEX Working Groups, and his pivotal role in the 2021 APPMA membership restructure, have left a lasting positive impact on the Association.

“We are sure we will see Mark at many events given his new role is with an associate APPMA member, and while not eligible to hold a Board role, he is eligible to continue his participation in APPMA events and special interest groups,” said Mark Dingley, chairman of APPMA.


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