Melbourne-based packaging technology company Packform has won two Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for most innovative startup in the technology and business services categories.

Packform is a new end-to-end technology platform that aims to change the way packaging supply and demand is managed and sold. It operates as an open marketplace and aims to speed up the procurement and delivery process.

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards recognise innovation in the workplace in all 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.

Packform won this award within one year of its launch. Over this year, the company said it has generated more than $17m in revenue and accelerated its position in the market.

Packform co-founder Philip Weinman
Packform co-founder Philip Weinman

A statement from Packform said its “technology platform has breathed new life into the packaging industry, an archaic industry that has remained largely unchanged for the last forty years”.

Co-founder and chairman Philip Weinman said the Packform team was “absolutely thrilled to win this award”.

“The success we are having so early in our journey is so rare in startup. We know this is due to our desire to break new ground and innovate,” he said.

Packform co-founder Peter Williams said: “An award for innovation should come as no surprise as innovation itself forms the bedrock of the Packform solution.

“Built on a commercial and technological model, Packform has been agile and responsive to building its own online marketplace. As the global pandemic ensued, businesses were stopped in their tracks. Packform on the other hand, has been able to move quickly and adapt to new demands in the midst of chaos. This has been a key differentiator for us. In a time when most businesses are shrinking, Packform has advanced.”

Weinman said Packform is proud of doing what it can to boost the economy and keep people in employment, particularly during times as difficult as these

“Our journey so far has been phenomenal. Despite the global disruption caused by Covid, Packform has thrived,” he said.

“We are excited about the future, where it will take us and how we can help others. We know that there will be challenging times ahead, yet there is always opportunity to innovate further and we embrace that challenge.”

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