• Chris Foley tells it like it is: The targets are not on track to be met; it's time for a reset of the co-regulatory framework.
    Chris Foley tells it like it is: The targets are not on track to be met; it's time for a reset of the co-regulatory framework.

In the wake of the Environment Ministers' announcement that packaging will soon be subject to strict new government rules aimed at cutting waste and boosting recycling, APCO has been engaging with the packaging value chain through a series of interactive forums.

Held around the country, the forums are providing APCO members and stakeholders with information about the reset that APCO is undertaking of its capabilities and approach following its recent review of the National Packaging Targets, and the work APCO is doing to help drive the transition to a stronger regulatory approach on packaging beyond 2025.

The five face-to-face forums in major centres have been booked out, however, you can still register for an online forum to be held on Thursday 31 August from 2-4pm. Register here https://apco.org.au/events/7019e000000AMXMAA4.

"The forums also provide opportunity for participants to input into the development of APCO’s work," APCO CEO Chris Foley told PKN. He said over the coming weeks, APCO will be developing an advocacy position on the post-2025 regulatory framework, including a public submission to the government on the planned reforms.

Peter Brisbane, APCO head of Government Partnerships, said, "APCO is also developing a transition plan to guide the development of the capabilities, systems and processes needed to support the commencement of the new regulatory framework."

Foley and Brisbane told PKN that so far, participants have been highly positive about the reform process and the key role that APCO is looking to play beyond 2025. This includes support for provisions such as recycled content targets and mandatory participation in extended producer responsibility schemes.

Register here so you don't miss out on this important opportunity to shape the packaging reset. 


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